Pi server rack mount

Hi everyone, I’m being tasked with creating a tidier setup solution for a future info-beamer setup.

One area that was a concern was mounting multiple Pi’s neatly and with adequate cooling and cable management.

I’m experimenting with using a server/rack mount case, and using 2.5" HDD to 3.5" HDD adapters, I’m hoping I can then mount the Pi’s in the 3.5" bays, which will have plenty of cooling.

I’ve tried to position the Pi in the HDD adapter in such as way that I’ll have adequate space for the cables to exit the connections of the Pi.

I also want to use the server case PSU to power the Pi’s, as well as the cooling fans, I’ve found the relevant adapter cables from 4 pin Molex to micro USB.

Would love to hear how others have found solutions for mounting/installs, or if anyone can give me any feedback on my idea.

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