Pi4 Device doesn't start

I’m a newbie of infobeamer. I’m sorry to ask such a simple question. I’m using a Pi4, I’ve installed on SD card but when I turn on the Pi4 it begin to boot and stops on [*] Starting …
Any idea about the problem?
Thank you so much

At that point the graphical interface should start. If that doesn’t work, there might be a problem determining the video mode. At least that would be my first guess. What kind of display do you have attached? Did you connect it to the primary HDMI output? It’s the one closest to the USB-C connector, so the left one in this picture:

No, I’ve attached the other one. I have sharp touch Display (it is touch but I use as passive.)

I’ve changed display port and it’s working… So sorry about this and waste your time…

In that case, please use the HDMI output labeled HDMI0 (the left one in the picture). The other output is only meant to be used when using two displays. But your input is very helpful and we’ll see how to make this clear!

I’ve done and now it is waiting for content. Everything is working.
Thank you so much.

same problem, but i am connected to the correct HDMI port beside the power-in. I formatted the SD into fat32 and using your stock info-beamer install download. --> no boot
After that i prepared my SD card with Raspbian and it booted fine.
I am also using a Raspberry 4, new SD Card.

Maybe anyone has an idea,
Thank you

Are you using the testing version of the OS? You can download that from https://info-beamer.com/download and select the testing option.

fist of all thank you for your instant reply,
i am using the “stable release”.

Right now you still need the testing for the Pi4. There’s still some minor issues with the Pi4 that prevent it from getting promoted to stable, but it’s slowly getting there. Hopefully within the next few weeks. That said: For most content, the Pi4 should work fine already. Feedback is of course always welcome!

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works instantly, thank you!!!

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it looks like one still needs to use “testing release” at this point for rpi4b… I did not get the “stable release” to boot.