Plugin: Frab with pretalx


has anyone run the frab plugin with pretalx xml? the xml is frab compatible, e.g.


You should be able to test that: Install that on a Pi, login with SSH and see if /space/root/frab/schedule.json exists and the values in it look sensible. If not, have a look at the output of logread | grep service.root.frab to see eventual parsing errors.

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thanks for the help.

there is no parse error in the log, i took the old schedule.xml from the congress and changed it. see “[] sending ‘root/frab/day:1’”, but it doesn’t show anything. in between with the original file i saw “no more talks”.

Is /space/root/frab/schedule.json filled with the conference events?

Yeah, it’s filled and it looks good.

Stupid question, but did you configure how to actually show the schedule? Did you add the frab tile to a page (Insert Page > Plugin > Frab > Select “All Talks”)?

Great. It works now. Must have been my configuration. Use infobeamer for the first time.

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