Power Saver Add on

I’ve just tried adding the power saver addon to one of my setups, this is the first time I’ve used this, but it isn’t switching the attached screen off/on as expected.

Maybe it’s something I’ve not done correctly?

The monitor that the Pi is connected to does power on/off when the Pi is powered on/off, so I think this means that it should work via the power saver option.

Currently, the screen just displays the fallback image when all schedules are set to never.

EDIT: Looks like i just needed to be more patient :slight_smile: all is working as expected now.

Should probably make that clearer on the package documentation page: The package only checks the power status once per minute. So if you switch between “screen should be on” and “screen should be off”, I’ll take around a minute before the screen turns off.

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