Power Saver and CEC commands

Is there any way to disable the cec standby command on the power saving package?
The display device im using turns off usb power after 15 minutes when in standby mode but if it detects no signal it will turn on screen saver and keep usb power on and able to turn back on several hours later.

If not is there a way to schedule commands? I use “vcgencmd display_power 0” and it gives me the result im looking for. Thanks

There isn’t yet in the current stable release, but the feature is now available in testing. You can add the file /config/no-cec-standby to the SD card to avoid sending CEC standby (and power on) signals to the attached display. Generally I would avoid powering the Pi though the displays USB as they often do not provide enough power and the Pi’s reliability might suffer as a result.

You can switch to testing on your device’s page: Manage ❯ Activate testing channel…

Great, Worked Perfectly. Thank You

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