Power Saver half hour units / HDMI Output failed

Hey everyone, is there any way to possibly make the Power Saver operate in half-hour increments? The display I’m using really only needs to operate when clients are in the building which is only open by appointment certain/different times every day. Currently, I feel like we are wasting quite a bit of energy running the unit up to a full hour before the location is even open to clients. (ie: appointments start at noon and people start showing up at 11:45am. I have to have the unit on from 11 am forward and that’s 45 minutes of wasted energy and screen life.)

Also has anyone dealt with the HDMI output failing? I beta tested my single unit in my office for 5 days to make sure it was turning on and off as scheduled and it worked perfectly. I deployed the unit 2 days ago and it worked great until this morning. I was seeing that the unit was “On” from the device manager but was unable to see the live view image (err: “Couldn’t fetch live preview” or something to that effect.) Upon driving to the location I found the display showing a very thin colored line on the left of the display but black other than that. I rebooted the Pi and the problem went away.

Does info beamer has a pkg that will remotely restart the Pi? (I’m a total Pi novice so if there is another way for full reboot remotely feel free to let me know that as well.) So far the only thing I can think that would allow me to remotely do this is maybe a wifi plug for the Pi so I could turn that off/on in order to reboot.


Randomly colored? Like this, except only a few pixels wide?


Rebooting is actually quite simple: One the device page click on the red Manage button in the top right corner and then on Reboot.

But that shouldn’t be the solution to solve issues like that. A device should never require manual work to keep running properly. It would be interesting to find the root cause for this issue. I would be very happy if you could help debug this one: If it happens again, could you keep the device untouched and write a quick mail to support, so we can take a look?

Thanks for the reply! The line was Vertical, and was only on the very edge of the screen. I immediately thought something was up with the display, but decided a reboot was in order before I messed with any cables. Sure enough it popped right back on.

I will contact you all if I run into the issue again.