[Python] Timestamp in Service?

Looking to get current timestamp in python service but I am unable to use these libraries because they are not in hosted.py:

from datetime import datetime
import date

Is there any way to do this? I tried os.system('%m-%d-%Y'), but it gave me some random number which wasn’t the current date.

I see two ways to do this but in my opinion they are not the best ways:

  1. Set a static option for date in node.json and update it every day
  2. Call an external API that will return the current timestamp when it hits the server (ill probably end up doing this if I don’t have any other options and thats fine)

Edit: I see from datetime is used here https://github.com/info-beamer/package-scheduled-player/blob/f8cbd30a94ad64630cf9fcff1b8d03350aac734f/service, maybe im doing something wrong. Back to testing I go

Edit2: got it working

from datetime import datetime

DOES work on Infobeamer hosted

If you need the unix timestamp (not a human formatted time string), you can also get that directly within Lua by calling os.time().