Race Result Screens

System with multiple screens to display the results of Inline Speeds skating races in Belgium.
Originally build for use at my own club (Skeeler Team Evergem). But on general request already used at 2 other races of other clubs.
Screens are polling a webserver to receive the csv exported results from the race administration program.
Scrolling text at the top is set from the info-beamer hosted setup, as well as all the other setting, like fonts, sizes ….
Hoping to find some time soon to make more improvements and remove some limitations. :wink:

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

This is very cool. I too would like to post data from a web-accessible csv file. Any tips on how to get started using info beamer and an existing package? I could use google sheets or an existing web server.

The application of this is for a menu system for a restaurant. The csv file would contain names of menu items, prices and a special section for an out-of-stock label.

Thanks for posting. It shows that what I’m after is possible.

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I did a smallish proof of concept menu board. The items it shows is based on the setup configuration. But it would not be too complicated to add a package service and instead fetches menu items from a CSV file or similar.

I’ll bundle this up soon and add a link to this topic.

Smallish preview: The configuration:

and how it looks on the device:

Sorry for the delay: You can import the package by following this link. The source code is on github.

Right now the package gets the list of items from the setup’s configuration (defined here and loaded here). To make it get the that data from any other source, you’ll have to implement a package service that handles data fetching. It can then write out the data as JSON file and you can pick it up in Lua using util.json_watch.