Raspberry Pi 4 Support

I know the Raspberry Pi 4 could still be a way off, maybe 2020, but it will be interesting to know what the performance will be like.

Also, will info-beamer support the Pi 4? I’m guessing, as the current info-beamer works on different Pi models, that the new hardware will be supported?

Is it likely that the Pi 4 will support 4k?

info-beamer support will come for sure. Just not sure when. The Pi4 is going to be interesting and probably quite challenging as it’s pretty sure that it’s not going to be using the VideoCore4 chip any longer. VideoCore5 exists, so one might expect that this is the most logical upgrade path. Seems like it supports 4K:

The VideoCore V BCM7251 processor supports 2180p60 encode and decode or dual 1080p60 encode/decode, features improved codec support (HEVC and H.265), DDR3 and DDR4 support, usb 3.0, PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11ac on a dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 Brahma15 dual core CPU. It is used in the Technicolor UZX8020CHM (Com Hem TV Hub).

That’s of course pure speculation as no announcement has been made and I don’t expect anything before 2020.