Raspberry Pi HDMI - Stream encoder

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use the Pi as an HDMI encoder, that can take an HDMI source and convert it to a stream, suitable for use as a stream for the info-beamer stream player?

Hardware encoders seem to cost around £200, I know it’s possible to use VLC to create a stream, but I really need a hardware solution.

It’s possible that this would be too demanding for the Pi, as I imagine it would require hardware support to avoid problems.

See here:

The hardware is expected to arrive Wednesday and I’ll update the post. A cheap alternative is the LKV363. See here:

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The B101 arrived today. It works by connecting to the camera slot on the Pi. Connecting a HDMI output makes the video signal available through raspivid.

I’ve updated the multicaster package to include support for it. It supposedly can do audio as well, but I couldn’t figure out how yet. Video with 1080p25 and 720p60 works pretty well though.

I have the B101 too and i’ve added it to my setup, but when selecting the GPIO pin i can either select GPIO 14 or GPOIO 15, but those don’t exist according to this schematic: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot-core/media/pinmappingsrpi/rp2_pinout.png

Have a look at https://pinout.xyz/. I’m using the BCM pin number notation (not sure if that’s the best way to be honest). So it’s BCM 14 and BCM 15.

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