Raspberry Pi VLC Paused File Data Location

Hi all, not actually an info-beamer question ( although it’s related ) does anyone know where vlc stores the data for a video file that has been paused? ( on a raspberry pi )

I need to find a method of viewing/editing the ‘timestamp’ at which the video was paused, so I’d pause the playback of a video then overwrite this file with a new timestamp so that when playback is resumed it starts from a specific point in the video, ideally send a command over ssh to overwrite the file with a timestamp x amount of seconds before or after the original paused time.

I know this sounds a bit odd, but I want to run another system in tandem with info-beamer but it doesn’t have the ability to skip/seek to a specific point in the video file.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

I’ve since been told that “VLC player just sticks to the current read (byte) offset in the input file, not the time”.

So it appears that it’s more complex than I thought :confused:

Looks like the only other option is trying to implement a skip/seek function that isn’t supported by the playback system I’m using.

Sorry, but that sounds very wrong. Why would VLC even persist the playback position anywhere? Also good luck doing that on a read-only medium like a DVD or Blu-ray disk. I’m sure there’s an API to remote control VLC somehow. But:

This is all very off-topic and isn’t really related to info-beamer at all as it doesn’t use VLC in any way, so I’m closing this thread.