Real world example output - Youtube?

I’m tasked with evaluating Pi based digital signage players / systems with the key criteria being quality of presentation on playback - smooth transitions on slides and videos, silky smooth tickers etc. Ease of use doesn’t matter so much - we are all geeks and nothing content wise will be customer facing. Does anyone have Youtube or similar videos of their installations output we can review and get inspiration from? Ideally something that is halfway between retail ads / transport hub info / sports TV channel (yes - vague I know!). Thanks in advance.

I’m not able to share the content we have created I’m afraid, but I can tell you that the built-in transitions are indeed smooth, haven’t personally used the ticker feature.

The scheduled player setup is hugely versatile, I’ve attached images of the built-in transition options for images.

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On are 3 short example videos. The scroller only looks a bit jittery due to the way the video was recorded. It is perfectly smooth in a real installation unless you overload the Pi by adding too many images/videos at the same time.

If you set up a Pi (it really only takes 3 minutes), I can also show you a few example setups on your Pi. Please get in contact for that!

Since you said that you’re all geeks, I think info-beamer is a great choice: info-beamer was built around the idea of being highly customizable. It’s really a platform and not just a playlist scheduler. If special use cases come up that can’t be solved with something out-of-the-box, you can write your own packages, live code them or take inspiration from the open sourced code of other packages. And of course there’s an API to automated basically everything you do in the UI.

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Thank you (both) - will get a pi up and running tomorrow and have a play!