Please excuse my bad english.

is it possible to have the Facbook likes at the bottom left of “Reception Screen”?

Thank you

You mean a number or similar that scrolls through the text-scroller?

yes, so on the left side is the time, in the middle of the text scrolls and on the right side, the following text is:
“(FB logo) Likes: 1234”

I already have the api, but I have no idea how I could integrate it

Thank you for your prompt reply

It’s doable, but the Facebook API is a hell hole. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get the number of likes for a Page without authentication. My experience with using the Facebook API is beyond bad (incomplete/wrong documentation, constant changes often badly communicated and so on). So you’d either have to use the API regardless and risk the package breaking at some point or you revert to screen scraping which is equally bad and unreliable. I’m not sure how to approach this in a way that a) works b) doesn’t need constant attention.

Anyone else having an idea of how to get the likes of a Page on Facebook?