Regulatory Country setting not working

It seems that setting the Regulatory Country (under network configuration) and rebooting the device changes back to “World” after reboot.

I really only see one possible way in that this is happening:

  • Setting a new value in the configuration interface and applying the setting
  • The device installs a new trial installation of the OS with the new setting included
  • The device reboots into that trial installation. No two things can happen:
    • If the settings work (a network connection to the info-beamer service can be reestablished and info-beamer runs), this trial installation is marked as confirmed and is used from now on at reboot.
      • The settings will be applied and the changed settings are now visible on the config dashboard.
    • If the settings don’t work within the first 6 minutes after the reboot: Either because no network connection can be reestablished, info-beamer constantly crashes for some reason of the complete OS crashes or reboots before the trial installation can be confirmed. In all those cases after a manual (removing power, etc) or forced (after 6 minutes or due to some OS panic) reboot, the Pi will have reverted to the previous installation.
      • The settings made are reverted and the device uses the previous settings. As none of them were applied, any change made in the config dashboard seems to have been reverted.

The only way I can think what you see happens is if you applied those settings, the device reboots and cannot confirm the new settings and reverts them as a result.