Remote Control rather than remote viewing

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New to Info-Beamer and looking to hopefully use this for PowerBI reporting wallboards.

As PowerBI requires O365 login is there a way to ideally swap from remote viewing through VNC to remote control (Allowing for account login) or to allow peripheral connection into the device to perform the same task?

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info-beamer doesn’t have any mechanism for mouse/keyboard base remote control. Manual on-device customization is discouraged as it generally leads to unpredictable results (“which device did I already modify?”, “the device no longer shows my content after a reboot”) and doesn’t scale well.

As for login: The browser package does have some automation, but results might vary depending on how the login mechanism works. Does PowerBI not have any mechanism to share a board without explicit login credentials but with a secret url? This seems to hint that is it possible, but looks like it is intended for data that’s really public (“Microsoft may display the report on a public website”).

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