Remote Triggered Player for multiple videos or images

I understand that Remote Trigger feature is currently supported for just one video (I tried and works perfect). Is it possible to trigger/abort more than one video or image for each device by using Rest API or some other way? Info-beam is still the best rpi-DS solution I have seen for far, I would really appreciate if there is a possibility to have this feature with Rest API, UDP command or something like that that would make me close to my dream. thank you.

It’s your lucky day. Just yesterday the Schedule Player package has been updated and can not play pages (which can show a fullscreen video for example) triggered by the API/a button in the web interface.

Have a look at Scheduled Player Package now supports GPIO and Remote Triggers.

What you would do:

  • Be sure to update the package to the latest version (Click on “Check for updates” on its package page)
  • Add a playlist that cycles through the default content.
  • Add another playlist, configure it to be never scheduled (click on “Schedule”, then select “Never schedule”), so pages added to that playlist aren’t shown.
  • Add any number of pages to that playlist and active the “Interactive” feature, select “Remote trigger” and set a unique value per page.

Then you can trigger the individual pages either through the device detail page - it’ll get new buttons, one per configured remote trigger - or through the API directly. See the other topic for how that works or just have a look at the calls the device page makes using the web inspector.

Hope that helps.

Hi Florian. I successfully tried it with Rest API!! It seems to be my lucky day, as you said. Thanks to you! I really appreciate that and I’ll continue working with my project.

One last obvious question. It is ok if I consider this feature will continue for future releases? I strongly consider purchase your service for my own specific digital signage service. Thank you!

It’s going to stay there. It’s pretty useful and I actually relied on it for the 35c3 conference setup : Stage people could trigger notifications on the big screen from their mobile devices.

Florian, Would it be possible to trigger videos or images with a matrix video wall too? Maybe in the future?

Nothing planned at the moment. Although in theory it’s possible as long as you’re able to get UDP packets to all devices at the same time. The main issue is: what happens when the intermission is completes. Right now all video walls work by syncing at the start of a video. So in the worst case they have to wait for the duration of the longest video in a playlist. The same would happen if the intermission ends: the player would most likely have to wait for a “sync point”.

For this to work better, it must be possible to start video playback in the middle of a video, so synced playback to a video can start anywhere within a video and not just the start. Right no the info-beamer pi software doesn’t have this feature.