Render in add-on package

I’m writing a new package as an Add-on to the “HD Image/Video Player”.
How do I get the add-on to show any content on the screen?

It seems that node.render is not called for child packages.

/Lars Bo

Right now the HD Player package doesn’t have a mechanism to show content from child packages. I can add that to the modifications (scheduling, etc) coming to a new improve HD player package soon.

I think the way this might work is similar (or in the best case identical) to how the scheduled player handles child nodes: They get loaded right into the root node’s Lua namespace (using the node.make_nested() [api doc] call) and then the child has to provide functions that get called by the parent.

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Sounds great!
Now I just need the option to add the add-on to a package so this will automatically be pushed to all setups. :slight_smile:

In that case, it’s probably a good idea for fork the package used, add the directory with the addon there and then use that package as the base of all your setups. That way any change to your package will apply to all your setups.

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