Reset WiFi with AP

How do I reset the WiFi connection if a device is connected to an existing WiFi but cannot get an internet connection?
(The 2nd icon is green, but all others are gray)

It seems that it just waits forever and does not publish its AP.

That’s indeed the case and at least currently how that feature works: If there is a local connection to the access point, nothing is triggered. The feature currently doesn’t probe any higher level protocol (like a working DHCP or IP connectivity to the outside world).

Not sure if that’s the case for your devices, but if the file /config/wifi_ui_gpio exists, the OS will probe the GPIO pin set in that file and start the UI if it’s being HIGH (or low if you specify a negative PIN number).

Curious: How does it happen that a previously working access point still accept connections but then blackholes them? Uplink cable no longer plugged in?

The customer connected a new device to a local Guest network, but apparently this requires a browser approval before opening for the internet access.

Ah. Crap. Didn’t see that one coming. I guess the next release should do more testing when deciding whether or not to use a connection. For now they’ll unfortunately have to change the existing /config/wireless file and just manually break either the SSID or password line, so the connection fails.

I have asked him to bring the device home and set it up again in a place where no Guest network is accessible :wink: