Resolution-Modified Video Gives Odd Results

Hello Florian,

I’ve got a 1920x1080 source video i’m modifying to 2048x768 (yes, i’m the double-wide stereoscopic video guy). The content (fractal animations) looks squished vertically because it is intended to be played over 2 screens.

the source video plays well but the proportions when stretched over 2 screens (1 row, 2 columns) get garbled when uploaded to info-beamer. they play perfectly well in VLC.

when modifying the source (tried with OBS and VSDC), i stretch it horizontally to fit 2048 wide and shrink it vertically to fit 768.

can you help me understand what i’m doing wrong?

(see attached link for good and bad outputs)



Info-Beamer Video Oddity

It might be that 2048 is the issue. Can you try to reencode it to 1920 width and see if that works?

Thank-you Florian. yes, 2048 wide seems to be the problem. 1920 works. i was hoping to match image to projector - pixel to pixel. but at 1920 wide i don’t seem to see the difference.

here is a short video showing my 3D projection setup in action (glasses required, of course). info-beamer frees up my laptop just fine!


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