RPI Hardware availability

It seems almost imposible to purchase any kind of RPI-Boards for the next months.
Do you plan to support any other boards (RockPI, Banana Pi, Odroid, …)?

we face the same issue in the US right now. support for another board would be great

It’s not really realistic to support other boards: They most likely have a completely different boot process, different video decoder hardware and most likely a different API for those decoders. It would take a long time to make all that work reliably.

They are still producing a lot of Pis. For commercial purchase requests it seems they have a special sales team that might help. Might be worth trying to get in contact with them.

Most suppliers are taslking about availability for any RasPI boards in the END of 2023 (!).
New “old” RPI3 boards are sold on ebay for about 150€ per unit at the moment.
I don’t think that a purchase in the range of 10-20 units classifies as “commercial purchase” anyways, but I’ll try to contact them directly.

I understand that porting to another board (family) causes lots of work and testing.
It would be nice to have an alternative as long as the availability of the RasPI is completely messed up.

I hope they can arrange something. I realize the supply chain issue is really frustrating and I personally didn’t expect it to get this bad. There might be a bit of hope for your requests: From here:

quick update: I’m in contact with the commercial sales team from Raspberry directly now. They are trying to arrange something :smiley:

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We are facing the same issues here in Spain. We have to deploy around 24-30 RPi in march-april and we are stressed out.
Moreover, I was already asked (pressed) to find another solution for the digital signage. I am out of ideas for now.
What we built was nice, cheap, easy, and so on. Now, we are facing a dilema.
I wasn’t about to press anything, but my boss also uses Google and started to press me on finding another solution.

To clear things out. My post isn’t about pointing fingers or searching someone, something to blame. It’s more me venting about the current situation we all are facing. I realise that al are in the same part of the barricade.

To be sure, InfoBeamer works also on RPi3 and RPi4 with 2, respectively 4GB , right?
Time to search under every rock for RPis. I wonder, where all the RPis disappeared?

It does. It even works on Pi2 or Pi1 for plain video/image content.

The situation really sucks. For now it really seems that there’s only two approaches: trying to contact RPi Trading, which is likely only useful for larger orders. Or hoping that tools like https://rpilocator.com/ help you find more stock.

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So, for 1080p videos and displaying a webpage those aforementioned models are valid, right?

The Fullscreen Browser package won’t run on Pi1 or Pi2, but the Scheduled player should run, but of course things might be slow on the Pi1.

You can actually see which devices are supported by a package: It’s shown on the linked pages above (scroll down to the “Compatible devices” section) or if you have a look at the package detail page of any package imported into your account (The “Device compatibility” list inside the “Developer information” section).

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