Rpi4 heat dissipation

Hi Florian, does the Rpi4 need some heat dissipation?

I guess that depends. If it’s installed in a normal room temperature environment and uses a case that doesn’t trap the heat, I don’t think there’s a need for that. At most I would use passive cooling.

I just ran a device survey and calculated the average, median, minimal and maximal temperature grouped by device model. The Pi4 doesn’t seem any hotter than the Pi3. Note that there’s no way to know where each Pi is installed or if there’s any cooling installed. It’s just the raw temperature numbers from a few minutes ago.

Model Avg Temp Median Temp Min Temp Max Temp
Pi 1A+ 49.6°C 51.1°C 35.8°C 62.7°C
Pi 1B 57.6°C 58.4°C 45.5°C 64.3°C
Pi 1B+ 45.1°C 48.7°C 34.2°C 57.8°C
Pi 2B 51.9°C 51.9°C 36.3°C 64.3°C
Pi 3A+ 46.6°C 47.8°C 36.5°C 61.8°C
Pi 3B 57.5°C 59.1°C 35.4°C 83.8°C
Pi 3B+ 58.2°C 58.0°C 36.5°C 75.2°C
Pi 4B 56.5°C 54.0°C 33.1°C 82.8°C
Pi Zero W 47.3°C 48.7°C 29.3°C 70.2°C

Wow, thanks a lot for those info!