Save credentials in Browser

I am trying to access to a Sharepint webbage, but i need to put my microsoftonline credentials before accessing to the site. I dont know how the json should work. Is that possible what i want to do ?

I think in general the better approach would be to not use login protected pages but instead, if possible, only use pages that use “secret links”. So instead of fully logging into some page using your full user account, some services allow you to share content with a secret link. To give you an example:

Say you want to share a google docs page. Instead of automatically logging into your google account and navigating to the page you want to show you can select “get a shareable link”. This link for example looks like this:

The long parameter after id= is what identifies the shared file and without that you wouldn’t be able to access that file. Maybe Sharepoint has something similar? I found this which suggest it does. Maybe that’s worth a try?