"Scaled" output to projector

Hi all, had a request to create a digital signage display but using a projector instead of a TV, the install location/screen size is fixed with no adjustments.

I have been asked if it is possible to use info-beamer to “scale” the output of a projector to fit the screen area if the correct spec/throw distance projector can’t be sourced.

Obviously setting the device output resolution is one way to achieve different display outputs, however I’m assuming that the projector will be a 1920x1080 model and it may require resizing the assets in in the playlist of the Scheduled Player.
This will of course reduce the resolution of the assets due to reducing their pixel count.

If assets are reduced in height/width proportionately and have a empty space around them in the pages of the scheduled player then how would this be displayed on a projector/screen?

I’m guessing the areas with no content that look like a black border around the assets will simply not be visible when output from a projector as there is nothing to produce any light output in those areas and any light that is projected would be very dim.

Hopefully a projector will be available that will suitable.