Schedule Assets

I currently have a setup that is within a concert venue, displaying shows that are upcoming - these will fall off daily.

What is the best way to schedule an asset to stop showing after a certain date without creating 40+ copies of the playlist and scheduling each of these?

No other way at the moment.

In the future a new native scheduling option will be available for packages like the HD Player. Each item within a playlist can then have its own schedule assigned to it. Schedules can be shared across items as well, so if you have multiple items you want to be scheduled together, you can assign the same schedule to them. Here’s a sneak peek of how that might look like. It’s all very much work-in-progress at the moment and there is no ETA.


This looks exactly like what I need. I know you said there is no ETA, but is it possible to get a BETA version to test ?

Not yet. The change isn’t available on yet, as it’s still unfinished. Once there’s something to test, there will be an announcement and you will of course be one of the first to play around with it.

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