Schedule Reboot

Could there be a option to schedule reboot of a device or devices say each day or weekly
As when using Scheduled player and showing a steam, after a few days it starts to get laggie. Reboot the device and it is good again

many thanks

Are you continuously showing the same stream for multiple days? Or do you switch to other content from time to time and then switch back to the stream.

You can’t schedule reboots, but you can of course use the API for that. Although rebooting because something doesn’t work isn’t an acceptable solution for me. I’d rather see why something doesn’t work as expected and fix that.

Thanks for the fast reply. I show the stream for 300 seconds then moves onto another page, i also switch between different setups using the API

Do you switch to setups that use a different package? Or do they all use the same but with different configuration? In the former case the info-beamer process itself won’t be restarted. Can you try to switch to a completely different package when lagging happens again to see if that helps?

No We only use the Package Scheduled Player.

Then please create a new setup based on any other setup and when it lags again, switch to it and back to your scheduled player based setup.