Schedule turn output off

Hi, can someone please tell me how to use the schedule to turn the output off and then back on please. I’ve been trying for days to get it to work.


Hi, you can add the Power Saver Addon to many of the packages and configure this to turn TVs off/on if they have CEC control.
Just setup a schedule for what times you want them on or off.

Thanks for this but I’m driving content to large advertising LED screens and don’t have this option.

@DigiScreensUK’s suggestion is the recommended way to turn off output. I’m not sure I understand your requirements: How are you supposed to turn off your screen? When info-beamer is triggered to turn off the attached display, it uses CEC first, but then also cuts the HDMI signal. The latter usually then instructs the attached display to go into some kind of sleep mode, should the former not work. Or does it use any other mechanism?

I want the content to stop plying at a certain time and come back on at another time

Different options:

  • Use the power saver as recommended. It will probably result in your output turning black if no signal is provided to your wall.

  • Use setup scheduling to create a schedule with a default setup that doesn’t show anything (for example an HD player based setup configured to only show a black image) and schedule your main content as another setup:

  • Alternatively, take a look at the scheduled player package. Create a setup based on it, then in the default player list, click on the “Schedule” button and select, for example, the hour based mode:

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