Scheduled Player - disable items within a page

Hi, Be great within Scheduled Player if you could make any of the items within a page content disabled from showing.
this way you dont need to delete a re add l

hope this make sense

keep up the great work


Andy, you can already do this, either by selecting ‘Deactivated’ from the duration setting, or you can set the schedule to ‘never’.

We use the schedule ‘never’ option for temporarily deactivating playlists if we don’t want them to appear at preset times, but would rather enable/disable them manually as required.

I would like to disable a title from showing if this is possible would be fab.

Hi Andy, sorry not sure what you mean when you say a ‘title’?

Disable any of the images,video,plugin etc that makes up are page. so next to the delete on a tile have a option to disable.


Ah, yes I see, although you can just click on the playlist, click on the schedule button and click ‘never’.

I dont use playlist, my page is made up lots of items

what i would like to do is disable just one item


What package are you using?


Version beta15

I guess you could then make variations of the pages containing the items you want for each scenario, and then use the schedule function to enable/disable them as and when needed?

Like this?

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That is spot on :slight_smile: