Scheduled player: frab plugin sometimes doesn't display any talks

Hi, I’m currently setting up info-beamer for the annual BalCCon conference, and I noticed this problem / bug, that at some times frab plugin doesn’t display any talks at all. In trying to narrow it down, it looks like that 15 minutes before an talk is starting, there is no display.
I noticed the issue last year, too, and it coincides with the orga’s start of using pretalx instead of frab to manage the talks.
I used the option to simulate time, and in summary:

  • First talk starts at 13:05
  • Until 12:49 everything is displayed (a list of all talks)
  • From 12:50 on there is no text output at all
  • At 13:06 the list of talks is displayed again

And this repeats during the course of the conference.
You can check setup 243313 if you need to replicate the issue. First day is 08.09.2023 and talks start at 13:05

I’ve updated the package to the latest version (via Check and update to latest release on the package’s page). I think it works now?

Yes, it works now. Funny, I did that a few times already and nothing happened. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming. Have fun at the conference!

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