Scheduled Player Package API Plugin

Would it be possible within the Scheduled Player Package to add a plugin so you can add a info-beamer API command call in?
This would allow us to change the content on other screen or update the content,


We’ll not build such a plugin and it’s not possible with how the system is architectured. It would compromise security, as suddenly the device itself would be able to use the API to change settings.

From the hosted service’s point of view, the device is considered untrusted. Consider the case of a stolen device: The worst that can happen now is that the thief retrieves all the cached content on a device. With your suggestion, they could basically take over all other devices.

Good point didnt think about security issues.
what about a custom command option then we could use it to pass command back in house give us the responsibility on security? Just a idea!

I think the better approach would be to deploy whatever you need on your devices as a package service. This service can then talk to your servers of course.