Scheduled player package for each individual player?

Hello there!
I want to clear something.
I have 2 players with the Scheduled player assigned to them. Now, I add another player on which I want to use the same package, but with different media files, in different screen configuration. Does it afect what I have configured on the other 2 players?
Want to know what I have to configure different setings before anything.

Using the same package for two or more setups is recommended and setups do not affect each other in any way. If you create two setups based on the “Scheduled Player” package, these two setups are completely independent with regards to any configuration made in each of the setups.

So, following your answer
I set up now 2 players with the same package and forget about them.
Then, on another player simply set up the same package with different media y screen setup, assign it to the new player. And those devices will play the media assigned to them , without interfering with each other, right?

Yes. Players running different setups do not affect each other. Editing one setup will have no effect on any other setup.

Figured it out, confirming that it works. In the end it was me thinking too much and fearing that I’ll ruin the setup I had.
But now I understand how it works.

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