Scheduled Player Package Stream

I have added a live stream to a content page with other data, the time is set to 2 minutes which the page does stay on for that long, but the stream stops after a few seconds.
Any ideas? Device is on WiFi, the wifi is stable

thanks in advance

Looks to be a bid temperamentally as working ok now, not sure if wifi or software. will it retry if the stream can not be reached?


I was using these BBC streams to test the streaming:

Obviously just use the url you need such as:

But yes, I’d recommend ethernet rather than wifi.

Hi. I am using the same url. Will see how it goes as I have no Ethernet access for the pi

Right now the stream isn’t retried if it breaks. I’ll add a retry later too.

Regarding streams: You can expect vastly different results depending on Wifi/Ethernet and the type of stream. HLS, those m3u8 Urls, use HTTP and therefore TCP and are less dependent on a perfect network environment. So depending on the bitrate, it might work on WiFi. With unreliable transports, like RTP over UDP you’re almost guaranteed to get a horrible result on WiFi due to packet loss.

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Hi, is there any eta when you might be able to add the retry to the package for steams?
Many Thanks

Added. Let me know if that works for you.

If a configured stream finishes or runs into an error, it will now retry after 5 seconds.

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Hi Many thanks works great.