Scheduled Player Preview option

Please great within Scheduled Player to have to option to preview a content page to see what the page will look like on the device before you save or active it

The built-in preview tries that a bit but is incomplete. A full preview is pretty much impossible though as the code that generates the output can’t run in the browser. So it’s always only going to be an estimation. But for certain plugins I could probably use better preview images.

Thanks been using live preview and it is pretty much there but you have to await for it to display on a live setup
idea is create a contact but have it disabled until designed correctly.

I’m not entirely sure I understand, but if you design a page, you can enable “Test” mode (using the Test button in the bottom row of each page). This will put the setup in a mode where it only displays a single page over and over again. When done, just disable the “Test” mode again and the usual schedule is active.