Scheduled Player Random Video Trigger


I’m curious if Scheduled Video player does this. I’m trying to accomplish a pretty straightforward Halloween effect:

  • 1 video playing as a loop as a default, at all times
  • On a GPIO trigger, a new Random video cuts in and plays in full. GPIO trigger won’t stop this video, so needs to be ignored until complete
  • When complete, cut back to top video from start and run as a loop again
  • Repeat

Right now I have a playlist with the Default video as it’s own page, and the other videos in another playlist each with their own page. Basically if there was a way to trigger a playlist with a GPIO, I could tell the playlist to show one randomly selected page. Maybe I’m missing a simple setting somewhere?


Also, not sure if this is a known issue, but audio doesn’t seem to be working out of the HDMI port. It pushes some static glitches through the tv speakers every few seconds or so. I’ve used the same setup to push audio through HDMI from the pi when booted up normally, no info-beamer, so not sure the issue here.

Audio plays fine when set to the audio jack out.

It’s not possible to achieve this at the moment. A GPIO trigger can only trigger a single page and a duplicate trigger cannot be ignored. As halloween has been done previously with info-beamer, you can look at existing code that does mostly that. Unfortunately it’s not a single click install to get that running within, so it might not be too helpful.

Cannot reproduce. HDMI works on local test Pis. Can you link the Pi?

Thanks for the response. Is there an option to add these features? Seems pretty straightforward, but maybe not?

If I was to jump into example code, what’s the process to get that working on a hosted account?

Probably not and I might take a look. No promises though.

There’s a tutorial on If you’re familiar with git, using the git push based approach is the easiest one.