Scroller still usable

Hi, I had a few setup’s with the scroller used, but it won’t show anymore if activated, is the scroller plugin still usable ?

Can you send the link to both the setup and device to so I can take a look?

Thank you, has been sent

After investigating this:

Unfortunately there’s a bug in info-beamer (which should be fix in the next major release) that results in the scrolling text rendered within a boundary box that’s in the wrong place. As a result the text within that box doesn’t show up on the screen. This only happens when the native resolution of the display (800x480 in that case) doesn’t match the target resolution within the scheduled player setup (in the setup, click on the settings tab to see it, it’s at 1920x1080).

One immediate solution is to remake the setups, but explicitly set the 800x480 target resolution in the Scheduled Player’s settings. This also ensures that the preview boxes within the setup’s editor have to correct aspect ratio of the target resolution.

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