Set default timezone in image

Is there a way to add a timezone to the config so the pi syncs with it?

what is your use case for this?

afaik you only can define the default reboot offset in the file config/reboot, but no timezone that is used in setups

we have a Adafruit PiRTC - PCF8523 Real Time Clock connected on the pi to be sure that the time sync keeps even if the internet connection to the pi is lost. We have our own platform that uses scheduling for these Pi’s based on the time on the pi. That’s the reason we need to have the possibility to set a timezone in the infobeamer image because otherwise our scheduling won’t work properly.

You do not set a timezone per device. The timezone setting is always part of a setup. If you’re using one of info-beamer’s official packages, all of them that support scheduling have an explicity timezone setting.

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