Setting up 2 different 2-screen videos

I’m trying to setup an installation with 2 dual-screen video systems. Each screen is playing a different video and I can only guarantee that the dual-screen videos are the same length. Which package/setup configuration would make this work? If they were all the same length, then I could just click “Synchronized Start” on the HD Image/video player. Am I overcomplicating this? Will all of the devices just start videos at the same time on the next reboot?

I just tried setting up a 2 HD image/video players with two different videos of differing length and they didn’t start at the same time even with the “sync” button checked.

The HD Image/Video Player is for that if you have two playlists of the exact same duration. It might take one cycle to start synced though.

What if I have 2 videos that are the same duration, but another pair of videos that are a different duration? I don’t care if they are all synced up, just that the pairs are.

No problem at all. If you enable [x] synced playback, it just means that playback starts at the same time for all setups with playlists of the same duration. You can of course have multiple pairs for that.