Simple(-r) Text Formatting

Hi there,

is there or will there be a possibility for me and my not so tekkie colleagues to easily edit texts in “Reception Screen” or “Scheduled Player”?
A simple WYSIWYG Editor would be highly appreciated.
Thank you very much and kind regards


WYSIWYG is pretty hard to do unfortunately as the browser rendering will differ from what info-beamer renders. What kind of problems do you run into when formatting text? Can you think of another way this might be improved?

Thanks for your reply!
Generally speaking office staff is used to text formatting procedures in MS Office or CMS like Wordpress. You select a part of a text, click on a button and see the resulting changes in styling.
The concept of Markdown is foreign and weird to many people as it requires knowlede of “secret codes” (wich are not given in the IB-editor by the way), you don’t have a feeling for the resulting style until you see it live and your text in the editor becomes strange to some extend.

For my understanding the style in the editor does not have to be identical to the results on the displays, just close®. It would be helpful to have about 5 different text sizes, bold, italic, left/center/right alignment and some coloring.
What do you think?