Simplified row-based video wall player - Trigger to playback specific video file?

Hi everyone, I have a requirement to create a setup that will use several projectors that will both need to play their own content and also then switch to a combined very wide video spanning across all 3 or 4 projectors at the same time in sync.

The Simplified row-based video wall player looks like this will fit my needs in terms of being able to play the content however I’d also like the ability to trigger the playback of a specific video when required.

I was hoping to use some sort of wifi switch so that a button could be pressed that would then receive the signal and can then use relays to connect GPIO pins of the raspberry Pi to initiate the playback of a particular video.
Alternatively a UDP trigger could be used?

Is there any way that the Simplified Row Based video wall player can be triggered to play a specific video on demand?

No. This package does not implement any kind of remote control. The Next Gen Player package will (and should support playback of content across multiple displays), but it’s still work in progress.