Simplified row-based video wall player

New package optimized for creating content on screens arranged in a row

The new package isn’t available in the official info-beamer store yet, but you can try a first version by clicking the installation button:


How it works

Import the package (see above), the create a new setup using the Create setup on the package page. You’ll see the following UI:

Click on (for example) the Create three screens group if your you want to create content for a groups of three screens. You’ll a new interface that allows you to assign individual devices to each slot. For that, click on one of the three dropdowns (each representing a screen) and select the device attached to that screen:

Once you’ve assigned three of your devices, you can start assigning content. Click on one of these buttons:


The button labeled 1:1:1 adds a new playback slot with individual content on each screen. Similarly the label 2:1 creates a new slot with content spanning across the first two screens as well as another piece of content for the third screen. Similarly the 3 button create a playback slot for content spanning across all three screens. Let’s press the 2:1 button as an example. You’ll see a new content row added:

Right now no content is assigned. Clicking on the large gray area will open the asset selector. The left content is spread across two displays. So it’s best to select content with a 32:9 aspect ratio. Similar you can select any 1920x1080 video or image for the right slot. The result might look like this:

Now click Save and switch to the Assigned Devices tab and assign the setup to the devices you’ve configured. After a few moments they will play your content.

Feedback welcome.

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