Slow Camera capture on Multicast

Hi there,
I am working on getting a standard RPi camera on a RPi (multicast) streaming using the multicast onto the video wall with another 2 Rpi (video wall).

I can’t seem to get the camera Rpi to work correctly. I can preview the camera content on camera RPi and find that it just flashes the video about once every 3 seconds for about 0.5 sec.

I have attached the setup configuration. I have tried multiple RPis, cameras, PSU and network cables. Any ideas?



Just to be sure: It already flashes in the preview output on the Pi that captures the video? Or just on the Pis that receive the stream?

If it’s on the receivers only, can you try again? I’ve fixed a bug in the streamer that might have caused this, although I haven’t been able to reproduce this locally. Let me know if that helped.

Hi Florian,
Thanks for the reply. The flashing is on the sending end.

Can you think of any tests I can do to get more info on what is going on?



Is the any light source directly visible? Maybe that’s an issue with the Pi camera’s automatic exposure time? Can you change the Exposure setting to see if that helps?

Which camera version is that? The model/version number should be written on the camera.