Software blocked

The soft on rpi is blocked on startup screen " info-beamer"
I try to reboot rpi same problem, problem has appared sudunly, i have done no changes.
Solutions are there?

Which device is that? Can you link the device page? E.g.

I don’t understand, it is OK now.
Is it important to keep LAN connection ? because I had disconned the wire.?

If the content isn’t fully persisted on the device, restarting it might cause the device to become “stuck” in the welcome screen until it is able to fetch its assigned content again. Pulling power directly after assigning new content might cause this.

ok for return

I don’t understand this term, can you explain please?

It means: The data isn’t fully stored on the SD card yet. Reason might be that it’s not completely downloaded or that power was lost before it was completely written to the SD card. In either cases the data cannot be used after a reboot and has to be downloaded again. While that happens the device is in the welcome screen (the one with the info-beamer text).

Thank you for the details.