Sound output through jack

Is there a recommended way to output audio through the 3.5mm jack? I’m not sure which speaker system we will be using in our installation and want to be prepared for both.

Hi Foley, yes, you can either place a file in the config folder on the SD card, and specify either “hdmi” or “local” which is for the 3.5mm jack.

The testing release version of the software has a really easy to use UI for changing this remotely, which is awesome, and it saved me a lot of hassle when I’d incorrectly set the audio output to HDMI and needed to change it :slight_smile:

Wow. I wasn’t able to find that page when I first searched. Thank you. Now the audio is playing beautifully.

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The client is asking if there is a way to adjust the volume on the pi. Is it just set to full by default? Is there a file to ensure that the volume is set to the same on all of them?

Right now there’s no way to control the volume. It’s always 100% right now. In the future I’ll probably take another look at how I might use alsa instead of the direct Pi audio API, but I don’t have an ETA for that.

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Maybe just a simple headphone volume control would work for the time being?

Or if the videos are pre-recorded rather than streamed, you could adjust the audio level before the final render?

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve forwarded on the suggestion to my client.