SSH Tutorial Please?

Hi Beamer-Chiefs,

Could you guys provide a short tutorial on how to SSH into the Info-Beamer loaded Pi? Which app should I use if I want to connect using my Android device.


Chris in Montreal

There should be more than enough tutorials about that on the internet already. You’ll have to create a keypair in your SSH client and copy the public part into the box SSH authorized_keys file content on the Advanced development page. Otherwise the device won’t start an SSH server at all.

The alternative is to activate “Show remote terminal on device page” on the account page and use the remote terminal button on the device’s page.

Ok. Thanks. This helps.
Much appreciated.

Hi Again,

I’m not seeing the “remote terminal” option on my device page after selecting the option on my account page. Where should it be?

I’m using my android phone internet through a usb c to ethernet adapter, if that makes a difference. Also installed info-beamer app.

Chris in Montreal

On the web page dashboard, follow the steps in my reply post to enabled the remote terminal feature. The “app” doesn’t have any of that.

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