Stand-alone player no audio

I am running the stand-alone player with Raspian Stretch lite and I cannot get the audio to play with the .mp4 movies. No audio on HDMI or the analog jack. How do I turn on the audio?

You need to select which output the audio gets sent to by info-beamer like this:

./info-beamer /path/to/node

And in your Lua code, when loading the video, you need to specify that audio is decoded by setting audio to true. That way audio gets decoded and sent to the chosen output.

Hi Florian,
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I’m a total novice— where do I put this code?
./info-beamer /path/to/node”
Is this somewhere in the config.txt?

Just to be sure, you really did download the info-beamer-pi.???.tar.gz file and intend to use that on Raspbian?

You usually start the info-beamer process by a shell script. On Raspbian probably invoked by systemd. You’d place that line in there, so the environment variable is set when info-beamer starts. Related, but a bit out of date:

You might also take a look at info-beamer hosted instead. No manual Linuxing required :slight_smile:

Yes, this is for an art project and I had a friend help with the code for a while. Everything works great except for the lack of audio.