Stuck waiting on content

I reformatted an sd card and copied the files on to it. I then put the card in a raspberry pi and it starts to load but freezes on the screen that says waiting on content… It has been on this screen for over an hour.

This is the info-beamer hosted solution.

Any advice?

Hi, have you actually created a setup or scheduled any content?

By default, the Pi will just wait for content, and just display the info-beamer ‘screensaver’ ( unless you’ve set your own custom branding )

I assume that the Pi is connected to a working internet connection and you can ‘see’ your device under your account dashboard ‘devices’ page?

In addition to what noted: Have a look at the icon and other information in the bottom row of the screen to make sure your Pi has a working internet connection.

Thanks guys. I was waiting for it to give me my code to register the device but apparently it did that automatically. Once I added the packages and assets it worked perfectly. Great product, love the smooth transition from video to video.

Good to hear.

That’s one of the benefits of using the customize download feature on the download page. I guess you checked [x] Automatically add device to your account there. In that case the already includes information so the device is added automatically to your account.

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