Superwide display playback

In my trade show work we are using LG’s superwide displays using 3840x1080 native res. Anychance there is a solution for playback in one of the packages? I’ve tried to upload files in that res but I think in the past the only way i’ve made that work is uploading files at 50% the native res (1920x540).

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One way to do this is to use H264 videos (the most reliable format on the Pi) and reencode the 3840x1080 video into an anamorphic FullHD version, thus losing half the horizontal resolution. Can you try that out and see if the result would work? Let me know if you need help with reencoding.

What we did for the same situation is to playback two files, both half width full height, next to each other.

Interesting, not sure how that works with one screen. what package are you using? or any other tech info.


I was thinking along those lines. Will give it a try.

Thank you.

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