Support for offline usage


I want to use info-beamer for playing some photos and videos at a fair in february. Until now we always had an internet connection and were able to use info-beamer hosted. Is there a way to use info-beamer hosted in some kind of offline mode for about a week? Another solution, that I configured today, would be info-beamer pi as a standalone application, but this requires another license. Any suggestions on that use case?

Thank you!

By default, info-beamer hosted isn’t intended for any kind of long-term offline usage. It’ll try to fix the “problem” by rebooting after a while as it assumes something is wrong with a driver or similar. And of course some packages won’t work correctly as they require a correct time. So any video wall, synced playback or similar won’t work.

The next OS release will have an way to prolong the maximum allowed offline time, but that feature isn’t ready yet. As you already seems to have your content running with info-beamer pi, I guess the easiest solution would be if we do some kind of 7-day license for info-beamer pi. Would that work? If so, just get in contact and we’ll find a solution.

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I wrote an email regarding the license. Good to hear that this feature is in development. It is really helpful for our use case as the normal employee will be able to configure the device himself with the hosted version.

I’ve also required the ability to display Pre-scheduled content without a data connection and Florian was very helpful in explaining how this works in a previous discussion.

When using the scheduled player, long as the assets are uploaded and added to the schedule, then basically all required content is sent to the Pi when it has a data connection.

This works fine for us, as we use a mobile solution that isn’t running 24/7 and it also relies on a 4G data connection, and it’s possible that there are times when this isn’t available.

I welcome the addition of a prolonged offline mode, as it is possible that the Pi could be located in a position without a mobile data connection for several hours or even a day.