Telemetry Dropouts

I’m seeing dropouts in my telemetry graphs, every 6hrs. I’m not aware of there being problems on site (the client would have reported it) but I’m puzzled as to what’s going on. It’s happening on a Pi3 and Pi4.

Puzzled as well. I don’t see any obvious reason. It seems the websocket connection each device usually maintains to the info-beamer backend occasionally disconnects for a few minutes. I’ve only looked at the Pi4 as the Pi3 seems to be offline at the moment. Can you check if both of them have the same gaps at the same time? This would hint at an external connection issue somewhere.

Thanks Florian

The pi3 is offline for the time being. It may come back online next week so I will look at that when it does.

With both sets of graphs overlaid, it’s clear that there is correlation in the dropouts.

I’ll bring one of the devices home to see if it’s to do with their network.

Happy to say that the venue’s broadband connection has changed to fibre and the problem has gone away on all Pis.

As mentioned, it wasn’t affecting playback but it was a puzzle.

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