Text Pixelation

HI there,

I am new to info-beamer and testing out the design aspect of things. I have a photoshop document that I am exporting out as a JPG, 200dpi using std 1920x1080 RGB 8Bit. Its a 1.1MB file using 12 (Max Quality).

I’ve added 60 point text and imported into info-beamer using the HD Image/Video Player.

Situation is that I can see pixelation on the text and not a clean image. The setting inside the device are set to Enable texture upload chunking.

Am I doing something wrong, as I stands the quality is not something I would want to push out professionally, and like to get to the bottom of it.

Thanks in advance
Mik (UK)

Where do you see that pixelation? On the preview snapshot on the device page itself? If so, that’s expected, as they snapshot taken using a lossy quality setting, so the preview image is fast to retrieve.

Or is the image also lossy when you look at the connected display? If so, that should not be the case, unless the image itself is using a low quality setting.

Another source of quality loss is of course all kinds of scaling: If your display compensates for overscan and thus scales down the received HDMI signal, you can expect a quality loss. Similarly if you try to output a FullHD image on a lower resolution display.

Hi there,

I see the pixelation on the TV Screen. This is a HDTV device and capable of 1920 x images. I am not sure I understand your last paragraph, but was wondering if anyone had any images with text on there that on their screen is sharp that I could test out. I’ve output a screen to see if the jaggies are replicated on anyone who can feedback on jaggies on thier devices.

Am stuck at the mo.



Are you sure your Pi is generating a 1920x1080 (FullHD) HDMI signal? There will never be any pixelation in that case if your JPEG is of sufficient quality. Can you link me the device page while the Pi is up? I can take a look at that.

I meant examples :wink: and there’s no need for such high dpi, 72 will be perfect

Awesome thanks - I’ll upload and see how that looks!