The Ethernet configuration resists in my rasp

Hello, I’m trying to prove info-beamer to see if it fits what I need, but I can not configure Ethernet.

As far as I understand the documentation (I hope I can correct it) you must create a file called “network” without extension, in the config folder of the SD and there also host the file resolv.conf (my configuration requires).

This has no effect, I tried adding extensions .txt, or conf to the network file, but it did not yield any results.

Can someone tell me where I have failed?

Raspberry Pi model 3 B +

Actually you don’t need any configuration at all if you want Ethernet and don’t need anything special like a static IP address. So download the, extract it on an SD card and put it in a Pi. Then connect Ethernet and power and you’re ready to go.

My ethernet network requires special configuration, and the documentation info not working.

The config file, especially /config/network requires unix style line endings (\n instead of \r\n). If everything else is correct, that’s probably the reason.

Alternatively you might also use this older config website that allows you to create a configuration and creates a purely in the browser (so none of the settings made get sent anywhere). Can you give this a try?

Now Working!